short sleeve shirt

Pilotskjorta med axelklaffar


This shirt is a perfect piece of clothing for the fashion conscious. A classic white shirt belongs in every man’s wardrobe – such as this, the pilot white shirt. It is enhanced with the epaulettes of a genuine uniform feel and is made of 65% polyester and 35% cotton.

The shirt is short sleeved, and come in a trendy model that works all year round, thanks to its timeless style and design. The shirt is adorned with two chest pockets with flaps and a stylish, reliable cuff. The shirt short-sleeve model makes it an obvious choice when you want to dress up even on hot summer days. The loose fit makes it comfortable to wear and does not feel too hot.

Depending on how you want to match the works of both fine occasions together with tie and suit pants, as days when you just want to feel comfortable. The shirt is available in several sizes, from Small up to 2X-Large. This is a simple and stylish garments that always comes to the use

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short sleeve shirt

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